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A satirical revision
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After about a year, I revisited Domu. This time, I took a more satirical approach and explored the idea of Domu becoming an “All-in-One” answer for nearly everything in the house. Not only the common IoT suspects like security cameras and thermostats, but also things like water faucets, trash cans, or hand sanitizers. What if they were all incorporated into the Domu ecosystem?
New modules, expanding in all 3 dimensions

The new version of Domu includes several new modules:

  • Security Camera - Ensuring that you and your belongings are safe at all times.
  • Air Purifier - Providing fresh air in a revolutionary triangular container.
  • Hand Sanitizer - Unprecedented times call for a greater monitoring of sanitation.
  • Trash Can - Keep track of what you throw away with this helpful module, and the ability to set “disposal goals” for each week.
  • Thermostat - Allows for a more fluid and mobile interaction when changing the temperature.
  • Smoke Detector - Rather than a loud and grating sound, this module sends an instant notification to the user to let them know of immediate danger.
  • Domu Connector - Expands the Domu’s holding space and brings the device into the third dimension.

The most crucial module for this scenario was the Connector Module. After all, there’s only so many modules you can add before you hit the ceiling. The Connector Module would essentially act as a PVC fitting for Domu and allow the tower to endlessly expand.

New user experience

Along with this, I also considered the user’s experience through their phone. Most IoT devices will send status updates and notifications (i.e. motion detected on a security camera), so what would it look like to constantly get updates from every single module?

Of course, the Disposal Bin Module would have to let you know when it’s full, and the Camera Module would have to let you know when it detected motion, and the Thermostat Module would have to let you know when the temperature was changed, and so on. Not only that, but it would also have to let you know when a module had low battery! Or the Domu ecosystem detecting that the weight distribution of modules was uneven!

This was a really fun project to revisit. It was one of my first “big” projects that took a lot of time and research, so going back to develop it further while also adding a bit of self-awareness was a really enjoyable process. Maybe one day I’ll revisit it again for a 3.0 update, with even more modules and even wackier features, who knows!

Portfolio 2020-2023
Aidan Chavez
Last updated: Sept-17-2023

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