Safety and accessibility
The user is intended to be a kid -- between the ages of 8 and 12 -- that lives in crowded housing where there is not much space to make their own.

Because the user is a younger age, safety must be a much higher priority in the design. This is ensured in one way through the Murphy bed's horizontal orientation, which offers a much safer way to access the bed compared to one that extends length-wise. Along with this, cabinetry and shelving are all secured into place using hardware and joinery, which ensures that no components fall off and injure a child.

While the age group is mainly intended toward a "tween" group, it isn't to say that older kids entering middle and early high school wouldn't find this useful as well. In fact, the product's potential price would indicate that this would be a sort of investment, a piece of furniture that would simplify actions in crowded housing as kids grow up.
Portfolio 2020-2023
Aidan Chavez
Last updated: Sept-17-2023

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