Additional media and final thoughts

The culmination of this project resulted in the display of eight final pieces at my senior capstone exhibition. Accompanying these pieces was an interactive installation that transformed a CRT monitor and camcorder into a makeshift "mirror," allowing viewers to see themselves within the e-waste showroom I had created. Atop this "mirror" stood another, smaller CRT, playing an 8-minute process video that intricately documented the various stages of the project. The video's aesthetic deliberately paid homage to the look and feel of early-2000s infomercials. To further complement the experience, I also designed "Product Information" sheets to provide viewers with detailed insights into each piece and its components.

Now that this project stands as a finished work, I intend for it to provoke contemplation and raise questions. It's not meant to propose a practical path towards sustainability, but rather to comment on how people might respond to resource scarcity.

Are we hurtling toward a future where the creation of consumer goods becomes increasingly challenging? And if so, will our consumerist tendencies still drive us to chase after "the next big thing" to the point where we turn to repurposing waste as a creative outlet? 
Portfolio 2020-2023
Aidan Chavez
Last updated: Sept-17-2023

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