GPU Fan, Speaker Cabinet, & Microwave Console

The GPU Fan repurposes a graphics processing unit into a desk fan, utilizing its internal fans to cool humans instead of computer hardware. By using a highly sought-after component solely for its basic features, this piece not only gives e-waste a new life but also makes a commentary on the value of the original product. As GPUs have become increasingly scarce and expensive in recent years, incorporating this valuable component into a humble desk fan creates a juxtaposition that aims to convey a sense of irony and humor. 

The Speaker Cabinet features a hollowed-out subwoofer atop mid-century table legs, resulting in a functional storage solution. Previously, the subwoofer remained somewhat unnoticed as a stationary device, delivering its sound without drawing much attention. Typically tucked away underneath a desk or concealed in other ways. However, with its transformation, the subwoofer now assumes a more prominent role in a living space, inviting users to actively interact with it and store objects inside.

The Microwave Console repurposes the inner cavity of a microwave oven, converting it into a console table made from reclaimed wood materials. The design of this piece capitalizes on our familiarity with microwave ovens, but adds a surprising element by placing it in an unconventional context and orientation. This contrast between the familiar and the unfamiliar is intended to bring a sense of recognition and curiosity when encountering and interacting with the piece.
Portfolio 2020-2023
Aidan Chavez
Last updated: Sept-17-2023

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