Monitor Lamp & Computer Chair

The concept of the Monitor Lamp was the initial spark for this project. It originated from the (frequent) nights when I would stay up late on my computer, with the screen's glow being the sole light in my room. This led to the idea of integrating a monitor into a floor lamp, giving it a new purpose while still paying homage to its previous function. Throughout the design process, I was drawn to the charm of the classic Windows XP Bliss background. But, I envisioned the lamp as a customizable piece where users could personalize the screen with their preferred visuals. 

The Computer Chair design aimed to reimagine how the human body interacts with computer elements. Rather than using your hands to press keys, you would sit on them, and instead of facing the screen directly, it would serve as a backrest. This piece in particular involved a lot of experimentation, exploring possibilities like integrating a subwoofer or utilizing CNC-cut plywood for a flat-pack design. But, it wasn't until I actually started working with materials and discarded parts that I found a rolling chair that provided the perfect opportunity to incorportate e-waste in place of the original cushions. 
Portfolio 2020-2023
Aidan Chavez
Last updated: Sept-17-2023

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